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Privacy policyPrivacy policy

1. General points DONG Energy (controller) registers personal data at www.dongenergysales.co.uk, www.dongenergy.co.uk and www.dongenergy.com so that we can provide our customers and other visitors with the best service.


For example, we record personal data when we receive notification of a change of address and brochure order forms, or if you create a user ID on our website.


DONG Energy records these data: 


Contact information: Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The reason we need to use this information is that we would like to be able to:

  • send news items to everyone who expresses an interest
  • deliver items and services to you
  • supply power products, e.g. fixed-rate for a period of time
  • read the meter for the purpose of settling your energy consumption

You always have the option of accessing and inspecting the data we have recorded about you. You can lodge an objection to any registration under the rules of the Danish Personal Data Protection Act.


2. Information will not be disclosed without your consent


DONG Energy neither sells nor discloses registered information without obtaining your consent first.


If you wish to change to a different electricity supplier, we will pass your customer data on to the new supplier. This is always done by arrangement with you.


3. How long does DONG Energy keep the registered personal data?


DONG Energy retains registered data for as long as necessary to be able to provide visitors to our websites with good service:

Contact forms and competitions Contact forms and competitions

​Personal data recorded through contact forms are kept for one year. If you have written on the contact form that you are happy to receive news and information from DONG Energy by e-mail, e.g. about energy saving tips, energy-wise appliances and up-to-the-minute offers, we will hang on to the data until you yourself ask for them to be deleted.

Mail to DONG Energy’s Customer ServiceMail to DONG Energy’s Customer Service

​If you’re a customer with DONG Energy, we’ll keep your e-mails for as long as you’re a customer. According to the Danish Bookkeeping Act, DONG Energy must store some information for five years. This applies to your bills and invoices, for instance. If you are not a customer, we will retain your e-mails for as long as is relevant to the matter in hand.

​User set-up​User set-up

The information you provide when creating a user name and password for some of our services will be kept by us for as long as your user profile is active. Then we delete it.

Opting for news mail Opting for news mail

When you register for DONG Energy’s news mail, we keep your e-mail address until you cancel your registration.


4. DONG Energy registers visits to our website


DONG Energy uses a standard tool to register the number of visits to our website, the domains visitors come from and the pages they view atwww.dongenergy.dk, www.dongenergysales.co.uk and www.dongenergy.com. DONG Energy uses these statistics to improve and further hone our customer service.


5. Who has access to the information you enter?


The departments at DONG Energy that deal with servicing our customers have access to the personal data registered.


6. Security


DONG Energy stores the registered personal data in unencrypted form. Personal data are stored in databases protected from unauthorized access by means of user ID and password.


All communications in EnergyManager and Self-Service are encrypted at 128 bit level by means of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). That prevents any third-party from accessing data.